Are You Taking Care of Your Outboard Motor?

Are You Taking Care of Your Outboard Motor?

Are You Taking Care of Your Outboard Motor?

29 November 2021
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What maintenance regime do you have for your boat? Do you follow a strict weekly or monthly check, or do you just glance over the boat before setting out on the water? Most responsible boat owners understand that conducting regular maintenance and carrying out safety checks are important. If something were to go wrong while you are afloat, the consequences could be extremely serious. If a crack or a hole were to let in water, you could sink quickly. If the outboard motor stops working, you could find yourself adrift and unable to return to the shore. If you are fortunate, somebody may be able to tow you back to land, but that isn't always going to happen.

Maintain your supplies

Taking care of your outboard motor is one of the most critical aspects of a boat. It is the motor that will get you where you want to go, so checking it regularly and keeping a stock of the most common outboard motor spare parts is a wise decision. Arranging for it to be serviced regularly can help reduce the risk of the motor failing, but knowing what to do when a common fault occurs can often get you back on the water sooner.

When the motor won't start 

First, always ensure that the kill switch has not been accidentally activated. If that switch has been pulled, it must be reset before anything will work. Once that possibility has been covered, you can look at the other options. One of the most common reasons for a motor to refuse to start is loose charging connections. Regularly checking the charging connectors will help you identify any signs of damage and ensure that they have not started to work loose. Another possibility is a flat battery. If you find that the battery tends to go flat, it's best to visit your local stockist of outboard motor spare parts to see if you can purchase a replacement.

When there are fuel problems 

Fuel is essential to keep the motor running. If the fuel line develops a problem, servicing it is the best option. If the primer bulb stops working, you can arrange a replacement from anywhere that stocks outboard motor spare parts.

While many other things could cause your motor to stop working, these are two of the issues which are most likely to occur. Whatever problem you may be having with your motor, your local outboard motor spare parts company, such as a Yamaha outboard motor service, will have all the supplies you need to get your motor fixed, so you can get out on the water again.

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