Four Ways To Transform Shipping Containers Into Functional Office Spaces

Four Ways To Transform Shipping Containers Into Functional Office Spaces

Four Ways To Transform Shipping Containers Into Functional Office Spaces

23 May 2023
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Shipping containers offer a lot of advantages for businesses looking to expand or move, but they can also be used as standalone offices. The containers themselves are already built to last and easily transported, so it's not hard to see why they would make good office spaces. Here are four ways in which shipping containers can be transformed into functional office spaces.

1. Add Windows And Doors

The first step in converting a shipping container into an office space is to ensure it's comfortable and inviting. Natural light is a key aspect of creating a pleasant working environment, so consider adding windows. Decide where you'd like your windows and doors, and then hire a professional to cut the openings and install them. Whether you opt for full-length glass doors for a modern touch or small porthole-style windows for a nautical twist, the options are as diverse as your imagination.

2. Remodel The Interior Of The Shipping Container

Once the windows and doors are installed, it's time to focus on the interior. Think about the best layout for your workspace — do you want an open-plan area, or do you need individual offices or meeting rooms? Would a kitchenette or a break room be beneficial? Use partitions to create separate areas if needed. Additionally, don't forget about flooring. You could retain and treat the original container floor, or you might prefer to install timber or laminate flooring for a warmer feel.

3. Add Insulation And Heating/Cooling Systems

An essential part of transforming shipping containers into functional office space is to ensure it's a comfortable environment all year round. Given the container's metal structure, it's likely to get hot in the summer and cold in the winter without insulation. Spray foam is a popular choice due to its comprehensive coverage and high R-value. After insulation, consider your heating and cooling options. Depending on your location and budget, you might choose reverse-cycle air conditioning, or perhaps a wood-burning stove for a cosy, rustic vibe.

4. Add Electrical Outlets And Lighting

The final step to bring your shipping container office to life is to install electrical outlets and lighting. Plan your electrical layout carefully to ensure there are enough outlets for all your office equipment and that they're conveniently located. In terms of lighting, consider combining both artificial and natural light sources. Install overhead LED lights for general illumination, and consider task lighting at workstations. A good working space should make use of natural light by placing desks near windows.

For more info about shipping containers, contact a local company. 

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