Line Marking: Three Guidelines on Preparing for a Project in Your Warehouse

Line Marking: Three Guidelines on Preparing for a Project in Your Warehouse

Line Marking: Three Guidelines on Preparing for a Project in Your Warehouse

7 November 2017
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Proper line marking in your warehouse will reduce the potential hazards in your home. In simple terms, the lines will outline the sections or paths through which equipment such as forklifts can move. This form of isolation will protect workers from injury and merchandise from damage. Also, line markings can improve organisation in your warehouse space ensuring efficiency. If you are performing this type of project for the first time, you might find the process challenging. Therefore, you should consider using these simple outlined guidelines to increase the chances of success. 

Ensure Complete Floor Curing 

If you have recently installed a new flooring surface in your warehouse, you should ensure that the material is completely cured before proceeding with the line marking work. In general, a cured floor will be stable enough to handle the weight of the marking machine. You should also note that surfaces change as they dry and lose moisture. If you paint your floor before the ideal level of firmness has been attained, your lines will not appear as expected. Additionally, you should remember that some uncured materials such as bitumen will react with the solvents in the paint. 

Choose Your Line Marking Product

You should select the most beneficial product for your line marking project. Your choice will determine the performance and durability of the lines as well as your budget. If you are looking for a temporary solution in your warehouse, you should consider using line marking tape. As implied, this is high visibility tape which can be applied and removed with ease. If you change your operations in the warehouse regularly, this choice is perfect. Paint is permanent. Therefore, it is an economical and convenient choice for your industrial space. Alternatively, you can install preform thermoplastic. These strips are placed on the ground and applied to the surface with a blowtorch. This option is more hardwearing and durable than standard paint. 

Clean the Warehouse Surface

You should prepare the surface of your house through cleaning regardless of the chosen line marking product. If the flooring is dirty, the products will not adhere entirely to the ground. Consequently, the markings will fail prematurely, necessitating replacement. Ideally, you should sweep or vacuum the floors to eliminate the debris and dust on the floor. If your warehouse has been exposed to grease and oil, you might need to scrub with detergent to remove the contaminants. If you do this, make sure that the surface is dry before starting the marking process. 

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