Custom Machining: Critical Factors Influencing Your Project Expenses

Custom Machining: Critical Factors Influencing Your Project Expenses

Custom Machining: Critical Factors Influencing Your Project Expenses

27 November 2017
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Custom machining of equipment parts and products for commercial use or sales can be beneficial for your business. However, if you would like to earn high profits, you must manage the costs of the fabrication work with diligence. In simple terms, if you are not cautious about your expenses, you will end up using a significant chunk of your capital on machining processes. Here are some factors to help you understand the factors which influence costs in custom manufacturing:

Choice of Material

Your choice of material will influence the machining expenses. So, you should be attentive when comparing your options. You should not opt for the default or standard selections in the market without understanding the implications. Some materials are more expensive to purchase from suppliers in their raw form. This aspect can contribute to increased project costs. However, in some cases, the difference will arise due to the difficulty of machining. For example, if a metal is soft and malleable like aluminium, the machining work will be easy and relatively inexpensive. On the other hand, tooling steel which is intended for high impact fabrications will need more time and better tools for machining. Therefore, the cost of the project will be increased.

Product Dimensions

You should consider the geometry of the potential parts during the fabrication process. This factor is critical in the determination of the price for fabrication. In fact, if you would like to obtain an accurate quote for your manufacturing processes, you must present the precise details on the dimensions of the desired products. In general, if you need products or equipment parts in large sizes, you will have to pay more than if the custom component was small. This difference can be attributed to the difficulty of handling the raw material. The large items will need specialised equipment to manage the machining processes. Smaller products can be fabricated using inexpensive, standard machines.

Parts Design

The design of the desired customised part or product will have an impact on the final price. As you would expect, if the item has a complicated structure, the cutting and shaping processes will be challenging and time-consuming. Therefore, the cost of fabrication will be high. If you would like to ensure that the time taken for your project is reduced, you should choose a manufacturer with CNC machining resources. The fabrication equipment is controlled by computers. So, the designs are translated with more accuracy. Moreover, you will reduce your labour expenses for the entire project. 

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