4 Tips for Painting With Brushes

4 Tips for Painting With Brushes

4 Tips for Painting With Brushes

29 November 2017
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You can paint your room and have professional-looking outcomes if you implement the tips that distinguish the work of pros from the work of inexperienced hobbyists. This article discusses some of the helpful tips to accomplish this.

Know When to Use New Brushes 

It is not advisable to use a new painting brush while you are applying the final coat of paint on your walls. This is because the bristles that are shed by the new brush will mar the quality of your finished work. It is, therefore, better to use the new brush on the undercoat or primer. Clean and reuse that same brush, or any other that you have used before so that the final coat of paint can be applied without the risk of the brush shedding its bristles.

Hold the Brush at an Angle

Many hobbyists do not know how to avoid brush marks. Some of them think that applying several coats of paint will limit the formation of these marks. Such an attempt leaves them frustrated because brush marks will still be visible. However, the best way to prevent brush marks is to hold the brush at an angle of about 45-degrees relative to the surface that you are painting. This orientation limits the likelihood that brush marks will form on the painted surface.

Use the Crisscross Technique

The best painting results can be obtained if you stick to the crisscross way of painting each surface that you paint. Focus on a small area and move the brush from one side to another side. Thereafter, move the paintbrush from the upper side to the lower side of the area that you just passed the brush horizontally. Use very light strokes to put the finishing touches to a small area before moving to the next small area.

Clean the Brush Often

The consistency of your painting results can be compromised by the paint that begins to dry on the brush that you are using. It is advisable to clean the brush regularly, such as every half hour, so that you remove any paint that was beginning to cure on it.

You will be pleased with the outcome of your painting project if you implement all the suggestions above. However, you can also consider hiring professional painters in case the area to be painted is large, such as the entire interior of your house. Such professionals will complete the job within a shorter time than you can complete it on your own.

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