A Couple of Tips to Safely Storing Your Holiday Decorations

A Couple of Tips to Safely Storing Your Holiday Decorations

A Couple of Tips to Safely Storing Your Holiday Decorations

6 December 2017
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If you and your family are big on Christmas, chances are your home is decked with a broad array of holiday decorations to instil some festive cheer to your property. Nonetheless, since holiday decorations are only used once a year, you will soon have to put them back into storage until you need them next year. Some people tend to stash all their decorations in one box and assume they will be fine when Christmas rolls around again. However, this approach typically leaves you with broken lights, misshaped ornaments and more. If you would like to avoid having to stock up on holiday decorations every year, you can use these couple of tips to preserve the integrity of your ornaments while they are in your storage unit.

Storing your string lights

If your string lights are not put away correctly, the likelihood of having to deal with a tangled mess of wires would be highly likely. The process of detangling can seem too tedious for some people, and they would rather opt just to buy new string lights, and this is not economical. To prevent any hassle with your string lights when the next holiday season rolls around, you should cut a few grooves into a piece of cardboard and wind the wires around these grooves.

Another solution would be to purchase some light reels, which make it easier to wrap the lights around. Once the string lights are secured, wrap them in some newspaper to minimise the risk of the bulbs breaking.

Storing your tree ornaments

Although tree ornaments come in a myriad of materials, people tend to gravitate toward the glass or ceramic options as these add an authentic Christmas feel to your tree. However, these premium materials are incredibly fragile, and you would have to exercise special care when putting the tree ornaments into storage.

Firstly, you should individuals pack the decorations in a soft bag, which would prevent the pieces from scratching against each other once they are in storage. However, if you cannot get individual packing bags or the ornaments, you could utilise an egg tray, depending on whether the ornaments would fit or not.

Secondly, purchase polystyrene foam peanuts and fill the boxes with them before you place your tree ornaments inside. Be sure to mark the boxes carrying the tree ornaments fragile, so that they are always handled with care when being transported to and from the storage unit.

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