5 Patio Accessories to Turn Your Patio into a Personal Paradise

5 Patio Accessories to Turn Your Patio into a Personal Paradise

5 Patio Accessories to Turn Your Patio into a Personal Paradise

19 December 2017
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When it comes to home décor, most homeowners focus on the indoor areas of their property. The living room, kitchen and bathrooms tend to receive the most attention at the expense of outdoor areas. Homeowners need to realize the importance of the outside as much as the inside.

The patio is one of the main areas of the home that can turn a plain outdoor space into a comfort haven. After constructing your patio, putting basic furniture and painting it, you need to consider several accessories that can elevate the space to the next level.

Here are 5 patio accessoriesto consider.

Add water

A patio with a water source such as a fountain, stream or pond can make your home look natural and inviting. It also provides an excellent balance between indoor and outdoor spaces.

Consider hiring a contractor to install a fountain that is proportional to your patio's size. Make sure the fountain keeps water constantly moving/flowing in order to make it appealing to watch. You can select a downward flow that resembles a waterfall, or an upward flow that resembles a hot water spring.

A small shallow pond/stream is also a good idea to consider. Contractors can dig out an area of the backyard to install a sustainable pond that you can use to rear fish or install underwater lighting. 


Got shade? Awnings and umbrellas can be a stylistic way of shielding your patio from the sun during hot weather. They are also perfect for cold and rainy days, where you can enjoy the cool air while outside.

With awnings, there are many different options available. Working with a contractor can help you design awnings that fit your home décor and your patio design.

A bar

It can be annoying having to go to the kitchen just to grab a drink. Have a contractor design a bar right on the patio so you can easily access your favorite beverage at a moment's notice. Your friends will be yearning to visit you!


Homeowners who love nature can't go wrong with growing some plants on the patio. Plants that wrap around the edges of the patio for support can give an attractive "green" look to the area.

Potted plants are also a convenient option for the outdoor space. They can be moved around to fit various themes during the course of the year.

Unique furniture

With designer furniture on the patio, you can never go wrong. Start with the pillows, chairs and tables. Earth tones and various shades of black are great color options for outdoor furniture. Also, make sure you have enough seating space for you and your guests.

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