Free Up Your Cupboard Space and Start Ewaste Recycling

Free Up Your Cupboard Space and Start Ewaste Recycling

Free Up Your Cupboard Space and Start Ewaste Recycling

13 March 2018
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The pace of technological advance keeps growing, and your business needs to keep up. The IT equipment you bought only a few years ago will soon need to be upgraded or replaced. When the time comes to replace your obsolete IT equipment, what are you going to do with it? You can't store all your surplus laptops, cell phones and printers forever; you have to dispose of them somewhere rather than leave them to clutter up your store rooms and cupboards.

Where will your IT waste go?

All businesses generate a lot of waste. There will be lots of waste paper and perhaps waste manufacturing materials or packaging materials. All of that waste has to go somewhere. Your waste paper will probably be recycled somewhere, but much of the rest will have to go to landfill or for incineration. What about your ewaste? The amount of obsolete computing equipment continues to grow, as IT equipment is normally replaced long before the natural end of its working life is reached. Everything from computer motherboards to television sets can now be recycled, either by being repaired and resold or by undergoing ewaste recycling and being stripped down to have the component materials within the device reused.

How ewaste recycling helps your business

One of the reasons that more businesses do not engage with ewaste recycling is that they perceive that it brings an extra cost to their business. In fact, the opposite is true. Ewaste recycling actually helps to reduce your costs. Ewaste recycling is usually free of charge and is available in most areas. You need only to make a call to your nearest waste collection centre to arrange the disposal of your surplus IT equipment. If you are not sure exactly which items can be recycled you should discuss with the recycling centre precisely what they are able to take. You will be surprised to discover that everything from printers and fax machines to tablets and scanners can be put to good use by the recycling company.

In addition to providing a convenient way to dispose of unneeded items, ewaste recycling can help your business to meet your environmental targets. Being able to boast of your environmental credentials can be an effective tool for promoting your business in a crowded marketplace, helping to increase your commercial prospects. Talk to your waste disposal centre today and free your office from surplus equipment.

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