3 Considerations for Getting Water from a Bore on Your Property Tested

3 Considerations for Getting Water from a Bore on Your Property Tested

3 Considerations for Getting Water from a Bore on Your Property Tested

29 October 2018
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Groundwater is an important resource for people living in farming and rural areas, especially if you're using it for livestock and other personal purposes. But it's important to understand that groundwater isn't treated and may actually be unfit for human consumption. You may need to get the water from the bore on your property tested regularly to ensure the safety of everyone who comes into contact with it. It's important to consider these reasons to get water from a bore on your property tested. 

Follow Water Safety Guidelines When Building the Water Bore 

While testing is important at any stage, following the relevant recommendations will help to preserve water quality as much as possible. For example, if you build water bores far away from septic tanks, then water won't get contaminated as easily. The bore head should ideally be built above the ground and sealed so that any water from flooding doesn't flow easily into it. Any water storage tank should be properly sealed to protect water from insects and animals. You may need to conduct a thorough testing of water on your property before establishing the best possible site for your water bore. 

Understand Issues That Groundwater Can Face

Groundwater can often be a safe source for everything from feeding livestock to cooking to bathing. But certain issues can cause contamination without your knowledge. For example, animal waste and pesticides used on your farm may seep through the ground and enter into the water source, which will cause contamination. Similarly, leaking sewage pipes and pollution from nearby industries can get into your groundwater. If the ground was previously used as a factory, then radioactive materials might become a problem. Natural issues like salinity can also affect the quality of groundwater on your property. If water is affected by any of these issues, then it may need treatment before it can be used.

Consider How Often You Need to Get Your Water Tested 

You need to have your water tested a few times during use because quality can change over a period due to human errors or natural calamities beyond your control. For this reason, it is important to conduct water testing at different intervals. Regular testing gives you the opportunity to make changes in case of a change in the water quality to avoid long-term damage. Make sure you choose a NATA accredited water testing authority in your state for reliability. 

Groundwater should ideally not be used for consumption until it is properly tested and treated to ensure it is disinfected. For more information, speak to companies like Universal Drilling that specialize in drilling water bores.

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