How to Grow Your Wedding Hire Business

How to Grow Your Wedding Hire Business

How to Grow Your Wedding Hire Business

24 June 2019
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Having fulfilled your life-long dream to start your wedding hire business, you will be excited when customers start trickling in. Your biggest challenge will be how to retain customers and grow your brand image. 

The extract below provides some tips on how to achieve that. 

Be Honest

You should only promise what you can deliver. For instance, a customer would be disappointed if they request live, fresh-looking wedding flower bouquets and you deliver artificial flowers. More than that, the customer might never visit your premises again. He or she might also give negative reviews to prospective clients. 

Offer Personalized Services

It helps the customer feel that you have connected emotionally with what they need. For instance, make a point of learning their names and refer to them, whether in one-on-one communication or even in emails. Additionally, you can let them know that the flowers for their wedding are specially hand-picked by you.

Go an Extra Mile In Service Delivery

You do not have to do expensive things that may hurt the business. Instead, rely on simple acts that show your customers that you value them. For instance, you can let them know that if they hire a hundred seats for their wedding, you will give them an extra twenty at no cost.

Keep Re-Inventing Your Business

It helps your customers know that whatever new trends come along, you can always deliver that and much more. Let them know that you are flexible. For instance, you could only be dealing with gowns and suits for hire for the bridal couple, but your customer needs dresses for hire, including the bridesmaids. Do not give them a chance to go elsewhere. Instead, give them your word that you will deliver on that too. Moving forward, you can include bridal party gowns for hire as part of your services.

Sell the Experience

In the wedding hire business, you will be selling experiences to your customers. Ease the wedding planning process for your clients. For example, you can provide referrals if you cannot offer some of the services. Regularly update your clients on the progress you have made. Do not be those wedding planners who are never available on the phone. Finally, you should have a friendly pricing policy and reasonable terms and conditions.  

Take these steps to help build your brand image and improve customer satisfaction. Remember that a happy customer will always come back.

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