How To Grow Your Land Surveying Business

How To Grow Your Land Surveying Business

How To Grow Your Land Surveying Business

14 October 2019
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Land surveying is an essential service in the real estate sector. As a land surveyor, real estate companies and investors will seek your services when they need to subdivide land. The article below discusses how land surveyors can grow their business and attract more clients.

Invest in Knowledge

Once a client visits your office, he or she will want to know if you are qualified to conduct land subdivisions. Therefore, always have your professional certificates and licences with you at the office. Additionally, do not shy away from post-graduate courses, seminars and conferences. Join an association of professional surveyors in your locality. 

Most of your clients have little knowledge of land subdivisions. As a land surveyor, you must have such information at your fingertips. For example, what are the various zones in the city? What is the minimum plot size? What permits does the client need when conducting subdivisions? How long should the client wait for approvals? 

Build Your Brand

Below are a few ways to build your brand name:

  1. Treat your customers with the utmost professionalism. Respond to their inquiries on time and inform them of the progress you have made.
  2. Create a business logo and motto which your customers can identify.
  3. Build your brand on social media. Make your social media page a one-stop shop for all land surveying inquiries. It is a sure way to get referrals and new clients.
  4. Take part in real estate and surveying exhibitions. These will provide you with an opportunity to meet with new clients and fellow surveyors.

Make Acquaintance with Industry Experts

Subdivision is the first stage of the real estate investment journey. Therefore, your client may require referrals to other professionals, such as developers, contractors, solicitors, real estate agents and land development consultants. Make acquaintance with these professionals and provide referrals at the request of your clients. Do not give a referral if you doubt the expertise and reputation of the professional. If you do so, you risk losing the trust of your clients.

Have a Flexible Pricing Mechanism

Your pricing mechanism should be consistent with current industry rates. Be candid with your clients from the onset. Explain to them your professional fees and extra charges they will incur such as paying for permits and installing amenities like water and electricity. 

Finally, your business should have reasonable terms and conditions. All contracts should have a dispute resolution clause. 

Grow your land surveying business by investing in knowledge, building your brand, making acquaintance with industry experts and adopting a friendly pricing mechanism. Reach out to other land surveyors for more information.

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