The Three Qualities You Should Look For In Your Boat's Upholstery

The Three Qualities You Should Look For In Your Boat's Upholstery

The Three Qualities You Should Look For In Your Boat's Upholstery

22 November 2019
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Boat interiors are often relegated to a secondary position when you are making a list of what is important to you when buying a ship. However, once you have the aforementioned boat, you realise that the inside is where you are going to spend a lot of your time. Therefore, your boat interior needs a lot of attention. But what makes good marine upholstery? Is it the same as your regular couches, cushions and sofas at home? Here are three things you should be looking at when choosing marine upholstery for your boat interiors.

Mould Resistant

Being out on the water your fabrics and cushions are more susceptible to getting wet for long periods of time. Mould, fungus and mildew can all grow on marine upholstery and if you are not careful your boat can become a breeding ground for these outbreaks. Companies that specialise in boat interiors have taken steps to address this and there are many fabrics that are specially treated to have a stronger resistance to mould. This is especially important for any fabric that does not have at least one barrier between it and the outside elements. Prime targets are those on open decks, around the edge of the boat and anything taken outside.


of course, nothing is totally fade-proof, but there are some marine upholstery fabrics that are built with this feature in mind. The sun is a powerful bleaching agent and combined with the abrasiveness of saltwater your materials can be stripped of their colour in months, not years. Searching for fabric that specifically states it is UV resistant is a good start. Also do not suppose that just because a fabric is lighter in colour, like white, that it will not fade. Every colour fades over time and looks worse for it, even those that have a lighter composition. 

Function Over Form

The simple truth is that you should choose boat interiors that make the most sense and not those that necessarily look the best. Many a new sailor has been tricked into buying beautiful cushions and pillows that couldn't stand up to a hard week's worth of seafaring. Look for cushions and boat interiors that have thick stitches, good construction and the previously mentioned resistance to fading and mould. There is still a wide range of colours and styles within these confinements but it is important you don't buy material that is not specifically designed with boating in mind.

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