3 Critical Things That the Fire Safety Inspection Involves

3 Critical Things That the Fire Safety Inspection Involves

3 Critical Things That the Fire Safety Inspection Involves

27 August 2020
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A fire outbreak is usually the most ruthless enemy your business can encounter. If you can have a way to prevent it, you could save a lot of money and keep your business safe. However, some people tend to be ignorant about fire safety despite the enormous losses it can bring their way. Having fire fighting equipment in your business premises isn't enough; you still need to have it inspected to ensure it's in good condition. 

If you don't invest in regular fire safety inspections, your fire equipment may not be reliable when you experience a fire outbreak in your business. See what the fire safety inspection involves.

Checking the Condition of Your Fire Equipment

It's one thing to have fire equipment in your business, and it's another thing to ensure the equipment is in perfect shape. Just like other equipment in your business, a fire extinguisher may develop some problems. If you don't notice it early, you may only realise it when a fire emergency has occurred, and this might be very risky. 

After installing fire safety equipment, they should be inspected routinely to affirm they are in perfect condition. This shows that you completely adhere to the recommended fire safety codes. During the inspection, you are likely to notice if the fire equipment is corroded, leaking or damaged and fix the problem in good time.

Checking the Exit Routes

Most fire safety codes specify that all the exit routes in your business premises shouldn't be locked or obstructed. This is critical because it helps people to escape safely during a fire incidence. The inspection experts assess the walkways and pathways to ensure they meet the outlined fire safety standards. Usually, every business premises should have about two or more efficient fire exits. 

The fire safety inspectors check if you have integrated the recommended panic hardware in the fire exits and if all the exit doors maintain the recommended width. Moreover, they assess whether the exit routes are appropriately marked and lit and if the exit signs are functional and with quality backup batteries.

Checking the Standards of Your Fire Safety Measures

Dealing with a fire outbreak in your business premises can be tricky without adequate fire safety measures. The measures in place indicate your preparedness in case of a fire outbreak. For instance, the fire safety inspectors assess if you have some fireproof cabinets where you store the combustible materials. They also check if you usually overload your electrical sockets or if you use substandard multi-plug adapters. Furthermore, the experts inspect the electrical panels to see if they are obstructed or if you keep flammable substances near them.

Meeting the fire safety requirements isn't possible without routine fire safety inspections. And since you may not properly carry out these inspections yourself, you should always let a fire safety professional do it. They know the equipment and areas to inspect to affirm you are ready for any fire emergency.

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