Does Your Mining Equipment Need Repair?

Does Your Mining Equipment Need Repair?

Does Your Mining Equipment Need Repair?

23 July 2021
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When you first start a mining operation, you probably start with lots of shiny new equipment. Your earthmoving equipment, grading equipment and tipper trucks will all be new. However, mining is tough and it probably won't be long before the equipment gets covered in dust and dirt and starts to pick up a few dents and scratches as well. Most mining equipment is built to take a few knocks because of the harsh environment, but there will always be a point when the equipment fails and must be taken out of service.

Do you need mining equipment repair?

The working environment faced by mining equipment can lead to equipment failing more rapidly than it would in other circumstances, but what do you do when that happens? Do you leave the equipment to one side and buy or rent a replacement? Do you manage with the equipment that you still have available while waiting for your engineering team to find a moment to take a look at it? If you let the faulty equipment pile up, it won't be long before part of your site starts to resemble a scrapyard. It is far better to find a professional company with whom you can arrange mining equipment repair.

Who should carry out mining equipment repair?


Sometimes, a piece of equipment will have a general electrical or mechanical fault that any qualified technician can resolve. However, most of the time, you will want to work with a company that has experience working with equipment similar to yours. A good mining equipment repair company will have experience not just with the type of equipment that you have, but also with the same manufacturers and equipment models that you own. They should know the equipment well so that they can trace faults quickly and start repairing or replacing the faulty component without delay.


In addition to the experience of the company, it is always wise to ask any prospective mining equipment repair company about the depth of knowledge of individual members of their team. Sometimes, a company can employ one member of staff who has a wide range of experience, while much of the work is done by newer employees who lack that knowledge. If the experienced individual leaves, or even calls in sick for a day, the company may struggle to assist you. Look for a company where the knowledge is diversified throughout their staff.


Finally, any company you choose to hire must be set up to repair your equipment. An individual's experience may tell them what the problem could be, but that doesn't help if they don't have the tools, equipment, or the space to complete the work. If you have any doubts, ask to look around the company repair facilities before making a decision.

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